Sunday, February 12, 2012

Three Trails Vans Christmas Party 2011

Three Trails Vans holds our Annual Christmas Party the 1st Saturday of December every year. This year was our 35th year for this event. It's held at the Community Center in Pleasant Valley, MO. The club provides the setups and food, the vanners make the fun! 

TTV members get there early along with a few vanners that like to help us decorate the hall before the party starts. Then we had a short HOAVC meeting followed by the usual wine tasting. I didn't see anyone hugging toilets or falling asleep after the wine tasting this year. I think that's a good thing? ;-)
  Every year we choose a different Santa - usually the newest club member. This year it was Stephen, owner of an early Dodge. It looked like he enjoyed himself.
 We had another good turnout this year and were able to donate a lot of toys to Children's Mercy Hospital again. Thanks to Hy-Rollin for sending a cash donation to help buy additional toys. Thanks all for your donations!
Don Noone was the DJ and for the first time in a long time, Becky was able to be there too. Usually they have to split their night due to DJ demands. It was nice that they were both able to make it. We always judge the vehicles and give Best Van & Best Ride. This year we added a Holiday Sweater contest too. We'll have to do that again. There was a lot of competition in this contest LOL. Bea Spears won the best Christmas sweater & Israel Perez won the worst - each got a $15 Subway gift card.


From the looks of the pics I took I think everyone had fun and most if not all of the food was gone by the end of the night. It was good to see Wick & Karen at the party. He's recovering nicely from his surgery.
Hope you all can join us again next year on Saturday, December 1st!

Additional pics can be found at or or our Facebook pages. 
HOAVC Meeting at TTV Christmas Party

This has been approved and paid for. Keith will work with Patti and will be contacting all clubs to let them know how much they owe to retain membership & voting rights. All clubs must pay for the insurance and give out at least one trophy for a vehicle at each event. 

Patti Weber gave us a Treasury Report. The Council lost $58.89 after all expenses. 

Discussed that with the # of participants shrinking we can't afford to continue to use the fairgrounds at a flat fee of $1,000. The fairgrounds is raising their price in 2013. 2012 will be the last year at this grounds. We will look further into getting a rate/vehicle/night to rent Shoemaker RV in Bevier, MO.

Tammy Kenney
Three Trails Vans

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