Friday, October 29, 2010

The Lynchs Go to H.A.V.E. & H.A.V.E.N.O.T.S,' High Five Truck-In

Held on september 10th - 12th, 2010

H.A.V.E. & H.A.V.E.N.O.T.S.  held their 5th annual truck-in (High Five) in Cripple Creek, CO at Lost Burro  Campground.  Beautiful scenery and a great time thanks to all from H.A.V.E. & H.A.V.E.N.O.T.S. vans. The beer was flowing from the time we arrived til the time we left.  

Vanatics Van Club sponsored  their famous lemonade stand and it was fanstaic as always just ask Carol.  Oh speaking of Carol, we had her wearing a crash helment because she has been falling down quite a bit lately.  Jerry and Laura from Vanatics have a picture.  We also have another crash and burn victim to mention, it's Courtney from Vantaics. She did a belly flop/superwomen stunt down the mountaiin of the hill she is now know as "Baby Carol", so now they are Tumblelina 1 & 2!
All in all we had a great time, Mr. Bill from Wisconsin supplied his bloody marys on Saturday morning.  I myself cooked a large pot of veggie beef soup for us, Vantacis and whomever was hungry.   On Saturday, myself and Carol sold 50/50 tickets for Summer Blast on June 10-12.  We gave away $56.00 & 1 pre-entry to the truck-in. It was won by Jeston Dizmang from Arvada, CO.  We also picked up a new member to MASVA, Clint Dizmang.  

Thanks again Jeff, Cindy and Gale for another super time in Colorado and can't wait again til next year.

Jack Lynch
MASVA member, Vantasia Vans of Kansas City

Thanks to Jim LeSage for the use of the photos he took!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Vantasia Vans heads to Fast Lanes Vans "29th Verse" Truck-in

Aug..27th,28th, and 29th th. 2010 were the dates for Fast Lanes Vans 29th Verse Truck-in. Their  theme was Attitude Adjustment. The weather was great, 90's during the day and 60's at night. A 450 mile one way trip for us, but we desided to break it up by leaving on Thursday night and driving to Hannibal, MO. where we spent the night.

Next morning Carol & Jack called us from their room bright and early to get us on the road to Penfield, IL. As we're driving Steve Ashley called and said he wasn't feeling to well and would not make the trip. I latter heard he ended up going to the hospital. Hope everything is okay. 

We got there about noon to set up camp next to Tank, Linda & Patti, and Whap. We were able to save some good spots across the road from us for Three Trails and Central Iowa Vans. All three clubs had a good turn out. Our new members Keith and Dawn set up next to us and Wick & Karen. Keith and Dawn and their friends Scott & Janet brought all kinds of ice cream & alcohol for blender drinks. They had a happy hour and lots of Vanners came by. As it was ending, Fast Lanes was opening their shot bar, and for me it was time start spinning the tunes. 
The party lasted till one in the morning. Not as late as last years 2am. Not sure exactly why it didn't last as long this year.  Could have been  because those Cason's weren't able to make it. 

On Saturday it was time for kids and adult games. This years bingo was held with beans instead of corn. Which made all the girls in Fast Lanes happy, they didn;t have to shuck any corn this year. Rick Duvall may not be as happy, he may be eating beans for a while. After the games Vanatic's held their famous Lemonade Stand for everyone to enjoy. Ask Henry from CITA if he enjoyed them. Saturday night brought the awards and the band. They were a very good classic rock band. Becky had a good time visiting with Princess Rita and all the girls sitting around our camp. Carol was in rare form both nights  falling down several times, it must have been those new shoes. Thanks Keith & Darren for putting her to bed. 
They had three vendors Tank & Linda, Vantee's and a Sandy and Blue Jay from Wisconsin selling food. Well Sunday came and it was time to hit the road again. I'm sure all 59 Vans that attended had a great time, and from all of us to all of  Fast Lanes Vans. Thank You Nooner

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Don Noone / Vantasia Vans

Northwestern Vanners Truck-In

I attended the annual truck-in of Northwestern Vanners at the Preston, MN fairgrounds on August 13, 14 and 15 for the first time.  Upon arriving at the fairgrounds I was impressed with the appearance of, and the location of the site (downtown Preston). 

The club members extended a great degree of hospitality, and by Saturday evening managed to get 36 vans registered.  Friday night was bingo in the large enclosed building while Saturday morning was the usual show-n-shine and bright-n-shine that evening.  Saturday evening the band was going strong.  I can’t remember whether they were called the Lug Nuts, Head Bolts or something like that.  I can say its hell to get old, while trying retaining your memory.  Friday and Saturday the club members were grilling and serving food for the convenience of anyone who was hungry.

Go to their truck-in (Chill Out Up By The Pole) next year, you won’t be sorry. 

Bob Wagner
Vantasia Vans of KC

Sunday, October 24, 2010

38th National Truck-in - July 2010 - Greenwich NY

Starved Rock State Park Campground in IL
Rick and I took off from GoodGuys in Des Moines and started our trip out to the Nationals in NY in our '64 Ford Econoline pulling our pop-up camper.  We did a little sightseeing along the way.  Our first night we spent in IL at Starved Rock State Park. Had a great breakfast at the Lodge and headed out. Breezed thru Indiana and when we got to Ohio we decided to take some back roads along the lake. Planned to go to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame but it was closed by the time we got close. We stopped on our 2nd night at Geneva State Park in Ohio. Really pretty scenery on these backroads. Wish we had more time to look around. Would have loved to go through the Carousel Museum.
Rest Area we stopped at in NY overlooking lake
Tuesday we were off into NY and closing in on the Nationals. We decided to take the scenic interstate along the south part of NY. Very scenic - not a wise decision! One of the bumpiest, under construction interstates I've ever been on.  Does not make for a fun ride, especially in an early Ford! We were also fighting warmer than normal temps in NY. In fact record breaking heat which caused the van to overheat and could not use the A/C most of the time. We had planned to spend another night in a state park but by then all we wanted to do was set up camp and relax so we pushed on to the Nats. 
Howard, Ken and some of the others we usually park with saved us a nice spot with everyone. No shade, other than ez ups but a nice spot close to everything going on. Last time we were in NY for a Nats I remembered colder than normal weather. Not this year! Record breaking heat!! Ed & JoAnn were life savers with the misters they had set up under Tim & Suzanne's canopy. Mr. Bill's pool & blender seemed pretty busy too.   I spent my time by the mister while Rick sat in Nats Board meetings. There was a caravan into town one night. Pretty good turnout and the town definitely took notice.
Show n Shine classifying took place Thursday & Friday so both days busy for us. Quite a few people stepped up to help with judging the vans on Friday. It would have been a long day without their help.  Virtual promoted and they had a meet n greet up by the band building along with the Nats board one night that was fun. Doc was serving hot dogs and they had beer in memory of Wacko for everyone. Drop Jaw magazine was there covering the event. This is the first time Rick and I had the opportunity to meet them. Very impressed with their coverage and how much they participated and enjoyed the event. Saw several vans we'd never seen before.
Best of Show 2010
Saturday afternoon we spent watching the burnout contest followed by trophy presentation later that day. Best of Show went to Alpine Express owned by Gary Larson.
We left after trophies for the long drive home stopping somewhere in NY at a rest area to sleep in the van for awhile before continuing on our way home.  Made it as far as Crawfordsville, IN and decided to spoil ourselves with a hotel room for our last night on the road.
Overall it was a great time although very hot. I don't know though that I would do this long a trip again in our early.  By the time we got back we had put over 3200 miles on the early Ford and we were worn out!! 
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Night - Yummy!

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Rick & Tammy Kenney / 3 Trails Vans / Hy-Rollin Vans

Saturday, October 23, 2010

GoodGuys Show - Des Moines IA : July 2010

Central IA Vans encouraged us to attend this event a few years ago to help promote vanning and we've been going ever since.  It's one of my favorite shows to go to and if you're looking for parts, the supply is endless between the vendors and the swap meet. The nice thing about this location is that we are able to camp in the campgrounds attached to the state fairgrounds. It's almost become like a mini truck-in with the amount of vanners attending the past few years.
This year Taz and Jill went out on Monday (show didn't start til Friday) and started saving spots for about 14 of us. Not an easy task with as many people that have started camping there. Rick and I rolled in on Thursday.  They got us a prime camping spot, level and on the road so we could watch all the street rods roll by. I still can't get used to the cars starting up at 3am to get in line to get into the grounds in hopes of parking on main street. Being at this fairgrounds has many advantages.  A large building with a/c to get out of the heat, tons of food vendors, lots of shade, 3,500+ vehicles to look at and some of the best fireworks I've seen in awhile. 

Andy and Mary bring their boss's cars to the show from his car museum.  They've also been kind enough to give us several private tours of the museum. Saturday we usually BBQ with everyone back at camp or over at one of CIV's homes along with a dip in their pool to cool down. Always makes for a fun time. 
This year Andy spoiled some of us on Friday and a few of us ladies got to drive the show cars back up to camp.  I got the El Camino...VERY nice!!  A few of the men decided to also try the autocross this year. The announcer loves vans and has a website called  They were very impressed with us. Check out the coverage from Saturday.

While everyone else went home after this event, Rick and I continued on our vacation to the Nationals in NY.

Des Moines, IA World of Wheels

Promoting Vanning with Central Iowa Vans, and Dave, Debbie, and Dale La Rue.

Some of the pictures were taken from above behind glass that's why they may be a blurred. 


Don & Becky Noone

Friday, October 22, 2010

E-Z Life Vans - Lay Back & Boogie

E-Z-Life once again held their Lay Back & Boogie at Eagle Ridge RV Park, With around 40 Vans in attendance a good time was had by all.

Most of the time was spent around the pool where Jack & Carol, and Bea & Mike kept the blender drinks and the paint cans coming, while E-Z- Life had the games in or around the pool. The weather was great. 
This my first time that I had a chance to meet the new Campground owners. They were very nice and hospitable. I played the tune's till 2am on Friday night's party and 1am Saturday night while Tank & Linda sold their blinky lights and jewelry. I heard there was a after hours party at the pool. 

Sunday we woke up to a little rain and headed home. Thanks to E-Z- Life members and their  support staff for another great time. 

Don Noone / Vantasia Vans

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Spring Fever #33 - Thank You from Vantasia Vans

Vantasia Vans would like to thank everyone that attended Spring Fever # 33. This year’s theme was Graduation. Our event always lands on someone's graduation. So we decided it was time we graduated too! We had 135 Vans plus our club in attendance. This year we decided to offer a Vanner's Stimulus Package. If you had never been to Spring Fever you were allowed to come in for free. 22 Vans sent in for the stimulus, and out of those 16 showed up and 2 have pre-entered for next year. One of those that took advantage was Judith Pilon from Florida. This adds another State to a list of States that have attended Spring Fever. She received long distance USA and International went to George Spadafore from Canada. Thank You both, along with all the others who traveled so far. Texas had over 10 Vans in attendance. Colorado also had several Vans that had never been to our event. Other States in attendance were, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Michigan, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Oklahoma. Thank You all.
Judith - Long Distance USA
George - Long Distance International
This year’s event was dedicated in memory of Jo Ann Large (Jaws Van).  Jo Ann passed away the week of our truck-in. JoAnn and Bob Large have been members of Vantasia Vans for over 30 years. This year has been hard on Vanners with the passing of Vince Eckman from Mixed Bag Truckers and Paul (Wacko) Wack from the Nat's. Board. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families as well as their Vanner families. They will be missed and never forgotten.
Nats Board at Work
This year we had new leadership with Kent Ragland running the show. I think he did a great job. Next year’s theme has already been decided on, and we are working on the flyer. Our theme is "Vanners Gone Wild."

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Hope to see you all soon at a Van-In 
Don Noone / Vantasia Vans

VANFEST 15, June 11th - 13th 2010 by Don & Becky Noone

Becky and I and the Pirate ship set off for a 12 hour hunt, 833 miles from our house to Aylmer, Ontario, Canada. We left Kansas City on Wednesday night, driving north to 36 hwy and heading east. Our goal was to make it to Springfield, IL.  Well after 3 close calls with the local deer, we decided to call it a night in Pittsfield, IL. The next morning we left early and headed north towards Canada. That afternoon I was getting tired of driving and Becky offered to drive for a while and I told her what highway to watch for but needless to say, I woke up about an hour later to see the skyline of Chicago. I said oh no!!! and she pulled over and I got back into the driver's seat and back into the right direction.  We did laugh and we did get to see some nice sights in LaGrange, IL. That evening we crossed the border at Port Huron, MI and with about 3 hours to go to get to the truck-in. We arrived there about midnight and George Spadafore (Teabag) a fellow vanner and long time friend was waiting at the gate for us.   He got there that morning and set up his camper so we would not need to bring ours and save on some gas.  

The next morning George and I went to town to wash the bugs off the van and then we went to H.B. Cal Trade & Arts School.  George's friend is the auto body teacher. They arranged for me to bring the Pirate Van there to show the students and that alone was worth the trip.  To see their faces and listen to their comments, like that makes me want to get a van.  We then returned to the Truck-in and Becky was getting the VIP tour of the campgrounds from Howard and Tim.  At that time the vans and trucks were pouring in thru the gate and yes I said trucks.  I was not sure how that would work out but I heard nothing but good things about the combination. After the weekend progressed and I talked and watched some of the the truck participants, they reminded us of ourselves (vanners) 20 years ago.  Everyone got along great and some of the trucks were very nice. With 336 vans & trucks in attendance and 156 in the show-n-shine and I believe that was a new record. George and I were asked to help judge two classes in the truck class. It was fun but boy did I get sunburned. The temp. was in the upper 80's during the day and in the 60's during the night.

Saturday night after the awards, they had a light-n-brite with both vans and trucks showing off their lighting. Taz & Jill had their van in both shows, after having a little trouble 20 miles into Canada. Taz lost his rear axle and some vanners arranged a trailer to get it to the campgrounds. Taz had his son bring his truck, trailer and his car on the trailer to the border along with a new axle.  His son drove his car back home and Taz brought the trailer back to haul the van home and needless to say he received the hard luck award and several others. Taz & Jill took 2nd place early van, Best Mural and 3rd in the brite -n-shine.  Becky and I also were fortunate to win a couple of awards.  Becky doesn't normally show her emotions but she did and when I saw that I did as well.  Everyone asked if we had a good time and enjoyed the bands and the truck-in.  The answer to all their questions were YES, and if we would come back. I told them I could not next year but would love to after I retire so I can spend more time up there.
The next morning we left for George's place, 174 miles north to his place at Wiarton, Ontario.  It took us about 4 hours to get there because there is no straight shot or major highway.  It was a very scenic drive thru several small towns, right on Georgian Bay.  George was a great host and Becky did not have to cook at all and he made some great ribs with a little hometown BBQ sauce on them (Wyandotte BBQ from hometown)  His place is kind of out in the country with cows in back of his place and a stream running thru his land. They call it cottage country cause it's so close to the bay. He took us on several sightseeing tours, nature walks and scenic overlooks of the country and lakes. We went to a farmers market with lots of stuff for sale and Becky had a heyday looking and buying stuff to bring back. Tuesday night it was time to pack up and head home because I had to be back to work on Thursday.  We took George out to dinner at a restaurant by the bay and the food was great. George gave us our directions back to Port Huron and the border. Our goal was to get back in the states and down past Detroit to miss the morning traffic and we did, making it to Lansing, MI. The drive down the coast along Lake Huron was breathtaking and the highways are clean and smooth, you never see any trash along them. Canada's gas prices and speed limits in KMS and gas in liters took some adjusting to. The next day we drove about 10 hours, going home a different route, down thru Indy to I-70 and home.

I would like to thank Kevin Lundy and his group for putting on a very well organized and very special  event. Thanks also goes out to George (Teabag) for all of his hospitality at the campground and his home.  It is truly amazing the friends that you make at Van-ins. You may change vans over the years but the memories and friends that you make can last a lifetime.

Don & Becky Noone
Pirate Van