Sunday, February 12, 2012

Howling Van-Pir-Te hosted by Hy-Rollin Vans

Hy-Rollin Vans holds their event at the same grounds that the Nationals will be held at in 2012 in Elkhorn, WI.  In October we're never sure what the weather will be like but this year the weather was great - warm ... no snow!! On a good note, our event has a heated building we use for the party and run a kitchen out of it, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner & late night munchies to make ends meet.
Every year more & more vanners show up on Thursday night to camp and help decorate the building with us. Thursday night & Friday morning is spent decorating, making jello shots & setting up our kitchen. Once the clubs start arriving they start decorating their sites & carving pumpkins.
Friday night's band was Bounty Hunter, a band we've had play before and everyone seems to like. Adult games on Friday nights are always a challenge. Rick & Keith spend quite awhile every year before this event trying to figure out how to make the game cheat proof ... never happens LOL. Someone always figures out how to get the edge but it makes for a fun time!

Saturday morning we're up early and in the kitchen getting ready to serve breakfast. The activities are non-stop all day between kids games, show n shine, adult games, trick or treating and the hayride for kids. Hy-Rollin did get a break in the afternoon. A big THANK YOU to the Ace of Spade Van Club for inviting us to share dinner with them in their campsite. If you're coming to Nats this year, I recommend making sure you don't miss Vanner's Nite In hosted by them. The food they made was delish and something you won't want to miss!!!
Jill's dad made the trophies again this year. I hope he knows how much we appreciate what he does for us. They looked awesome as usual. As soon as trophy presentation was over the party started. There were some pretty creative costumes this year making it hard to choose the winners once again. Hope everyone had fun!!  The dates for 2012 are October 5-7 - hope you can make it!

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Tammy Kenney
Hy-Rollin Vans

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