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HOAVC's HAVOC is the final camping event of the season for our council. It was held at the Jasper County Fairgrounds in Colfax, IA. The attendance has shrunk some over the years but it's just as much fun as ever!
 We got there late Friday night and after we set up camp we headed up to the building for the party.   The party was in full swing when we arrived so we had some catching up to do! Face First was rockin' and everyone was dancing. HIVE ran the shot bar Friday night until the drinks ran out.
Saturday a lot of us slept in recuperating from Friday night's fun. Kids games & Adult games started. Big Dogs was serving food all weekend long for those of us with the munchies or who just didn't feel like cooking. I think everyone at the truck-in played at least one of the games. Every club that is a member of the council usually runs one adult and one kids game. There is also a phantom show n shine so you never know what you might win an award for. We held our HOAVC meeting and officers were voted on as well as 2011 Vanner & Vannerette (I'll post minutes from the meeting at the end) after the games. Later that afternoon the kids hit the campground in their costumes to do some trick or treating and have their costumes judged.
Trophy presentation and pumpkin carving judging followed dinner.  Once again - some very inventive costumes. Congrats to Dale & Bonnie of CIV for being voted Vanner & Vannerette for 2011! CIV did a hayride through town again for everyone. Cold out but a lot of fun going past all the homes and having people check out the crazy people on the hay wagon LOL.
Vanner & Vannerette 2011
Waving so long to the hayride
 2012 will be the last year we have HOAVC at this fairgrounds on October 19-21. Not sure where we'll be yet in 2013 but we'll keep you updated! Hope to see you there!
E-Z Life Vanners
3 Trails Vans - Totally Trashed Vanners
Best Couples Costume - Dale & Bonnie Ritz
 For more pics check out our website and Facebook page. The 2012 flyer should be posted soon.

Minutes from the October Meeting:
October 15, 2011
  • Discussed HOAVC location and dates for 2012
    • Approved to have a week between Hy-Rollin & HOAVC. Hopefully it will allow more vanners to attend the event by having a break between the two events.
    • Next year’s dates will be October 19, 20, 21, 2012
    • Would still like to move the event back to a campground. Paying a set price for the fairgrounds rather than a per van price is making HOAVC lose money. The campground would allow vanners to socialize more. The buildings while warmer and keeping us out of bad weather don’t allow us to socialize as much.
    • Keith to look into Shoemaker’s again. He hasn’t been able to contact the owner but it was voted that we would still like to try to move the event there.
New Business:
  • Don & Becky Noon have been checking into Event Insurance for HOAVC members to use for all member events. Would have to raise club dues for all clubs. Are we interested? Becky is getting a rate.
  • HOAVC is losing money. Cost of fairgrounds is $1000 flat fee and only 40 vans in attendance this year. Do we want to consider doing 50/50 drawings to raise money.
  • Dairyland Vanners (Nationals Hosts 2012) is selling can coolers. 2/$5 or $3 each.
  • Voted for Vanner / Vannerette
  • 2012 HOAVC Dues are due: $35/club, $25/individual. (Club price could rise if we approve event insurance.
  • Upcoming Events:
    • Three Trails Vans Christmas Party: Party is in same location in Pleasant Valley, MO. Looking into a shuttle to/from hotels in area.
    • EZ Life: looking at a new campground in Lamar, IA
    • Donnie went to Wyandotte County Fairgrounds meeting. Still a possibility to move Spring Fever and hold a Nationals at the new grounds if they put in a campground. Nothing much on the new grounds yet.
      Vantasia Vans is looking at bands on October 28th at Argosy Casino if anyone would like to go with.
      Vantasia Vans has all lady officers. They will be having another dog parade at Spring Fever
    • MASVA: Has taken over Fast Lane Vans weekend. They have a new campground for 2012.
    • CIV: Looking into a tour of the NASCAR Track in Newton for their Caravan in 2012.
  • Elections:
    President: Keith Wiese
    Vice President: Gary Sholders
    Secretary: Becky Roth
    Treasurer: Patti Weber
    Webmaster: Tammy Kenney
  • No schnapps bar on Saturday night – no one volunteered
  • Dues paid at meeting: Vantasia $35, Fast Lane $35, Keith & Joyce Wiese $25, Pikes Peak Vans $35, Hy-Rollin Vans $35
  • Meeting adjourned
Tammy Kenney
HOAVC Webmaster

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