Sunday, October 2, 2011

Stayin' Alive hosted by CITA

Well thought I would do a brief right up of CITA truckin 35 and Stayin Alive, princess and I left around 2:30 Friday and met up with Rocco and we were on our way got there around 5:00 and the grounds were full already. I saw right off the bat Bluegrass, Hy Rollin, County Line and Fast Lane all the others were in the back. In our site we had Jerry, LaLa, "G"Roller, Carla, Rocco, Rolando's and Keith and Dawn from Vantasia we broke out camp and dug into a fresh batch of Apple Pie YUM!!! We quickly got caught up with the ones who had been there a while we headed up to the the vendor (CITA) got some food and listened to the band which was great there was a female singer that just nailed every song from Michael Jackson to Sugarland and mixed up great, there were plenty of people dancing and enjoying the beautiful summer evening.

After a very late night we awoke around 8:30 and had some breakfast from vendor and proceeded to get the van ready for show and shine, once again we started our party with having beers around 10:30.. and enjoying the show, games started at 1:00 with the Vanatics hosting the first game lawn chair volleyball which was a hit and of course we had our traditional Lemonade Stand which managed to go thru 11 gallons!!

Following that was CITA games "Masterbate Open" and "Balloon Toss" after the games we had enough time to relax then dinner which is very good and free from our host. All that is required is everyone brings a covered dish. After dinner was trophy time with yours truly getting first place GMC and Lil Ed (Special Ed) getting Best of Show - Congrats!! The rest of the evening was spent talking to friends, more Apple Pie, the Brite and Shine and the band Shovel Head that played for Bluegrass they rocked it pretty good. We left around 8:30 Sunday morning but still smiling as we thought about the great weekend we had and looking forward to Fast Lane August 26th hope to see some of you there....

Darrin Bentley
Vanatics Van Club

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