Tuesday, October 25, 2011

39th National Truck-In hosted by Vans on the Run

The trip to Nats from GoodGuys in Columbus was an adventure as we were trying to beat a storm there. Ended up sitting under a overhang at the Best Western in Zanesville, OH riding it out once we heard the tornado siren going off while filling up gas tanks. Soon we arrived at the Nats. I guess it's true that pigs do fly! We heard that the pig balloon at the Nats flew over the interstate during the storm. I've searched YouTube for pics but I guess no one took video when it happened LOL. Glad the storm was over when we got there. It isn't fun putting up our camper in the rain.
SOVC Campsite
Having fun with Vantasia Vans

We parked with the Nats Board next to the area SOVC had roped off. Made for quite the entertainment as the party is always happening in that area. Here I was wondering who the crazy guys were in the pool during the thunder storm only to have Tommy Trucker climb out and to say hi LOL. The pool is made of rubber right...what could be wrong with being in the pool during a thunder storm? Glad to see some things never change. One of the other things we noticed when we first pulled in is a Corvair van with NotStock Photography painted on the side up by the Drop Jaw and Vannin.com booths. Yep, John decided to find out what vanning was all about! He planned to stay for a day or so but he must have had fun cuz he stayed for the whole event!
Vannin.com / Nats Board Meet & Greet
Slo Ride Game

Vanner's Nite In was a Soup Kitchen on Wednesday night. They also had the "Nutz Bus" to get you around. Parking with the Nats Board also meant parking with Mr. Bill. There were some very drunk people in his pool and an endless supply of blender drinks it seemed. 

Show n Shine was broke up into 2 days.  There were a lot of lineups for pics of all Econolines to celebrate 50 years of the Econoline and then the annual Early & VCVC lineups. Denny Smith did a nice job in the burnout contest.

Tom & Pam Chronister showed the updated Battlestar - now called DeathStar. Beautiful new paint job on it. It was nice to see Blastro & Headstone at the event as well as Karson's van. Congrats to Don & Becky Noone for taking Best of Show with Pirates of the Caravan!  Overall a good event. Last count there were about 614 vans in attendance.

Tammy Kenney

More pics will be posted on the HOAVC website.
You can also view pics on DropJaw Magazine's website.

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