Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Blast 1 hosted by MASVA

This was MASVA's first event after hosting the Nats in Altamont. The ride out was eventful as a strong storm rode along with us all the way out there. In an early - not fun!! By the time we got there and got set up the pool party was winding down, in fact we heard Steve Ashley had already headed off to bed. Something about gatorade drinks and ashtrays I think LOL...  However there were still a few out there keeping the party going and Noone's Tunes were still going strong.
Saturday they had a lot planned for everyone including a cruise & show n shine in town and a wine tasting tour. We started out the morning playing games. As usual Keith & Joyce were quite inventive with what they had planned for us.  After that we headed out for the cruise and public show n shine. The town wasn't very big but they had a decent turn out. We were parked next to a restaurant/bar named Frumpy Joe's that served good food.
While everyone was checking out the vans we walked thru town and checked out the stores and a small swap meet. Ted (Blue Eagle) gave us a bit of a scare and he had to check in to the hospital overnight but nothing serious and he was released the next day we heard.
Several people went on the wine tour and it sounds like they had a good time and enjoyed getting the commemorative wine glass.  Phrog hosted wine tasting as usual that night.  There was a live band after trophy presentation and they were good. Everyone was dancing and they played music of all varieties.
Overall a fun event and looking forward to Summer Blast II next year!!

Tammy Kenney
Hy-Rollin Vans/3 Trails Vans

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