Sunday, November 27, 2011

Midwest All Truck Nationals hosted by the GMC Chevy Truck Club

The GMC Chevy Club hosts this 3 day event and it gets bigger every year.  This year they had to deal with a lot of problems but still managed to pull it off.  The Missouri River was the biggest problem. It flooded the EH Young Park that it's usually held at and had to find somewhere to hold the event. Actually water in general was the issue. There were a few good storms that rolled through making us run back for cover, closing up the vans and hanging on to the EZ-up to keep it from taking flight.

 The Red X in Riverside was nice enough to offer them the space they needed and the show was on! Thee were a few strong storms that rolled through but it didn't stop the show. Their event raises money for Toys for Tots, Hope House & Operation Breakthrough.

Friday is a cruise night open to all vehicles. There are a lot of vendors, a DJ & band playing & swap meet area.  Saturday & Sunday is the show with drive thru judging. Our vans always get a lot of people coming over to look at them. The kids just love the "Scooby Doo" vans. You will see everything from panel trucks, vans, rat rods, semis, stock pickups to lowriders.  There is usually a burnout contest and a few games. Sunday they also have an auction to raise $ for the charities they support. Always a fun event.

Three Trails Vans

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