Monday, October 25, 2010

Vantasia Vans heads to Fast Lanes Vans "29th Verse" Truck-in

Aug..27th,28th, and 29th th. 2010 were the dates for Fast Lanes Vans 29th Verse Truck-in. Their  theme was Attitude Adjustment. The weather was great, 90's during the day and 60's at night. A 450 mile one way trip for us, but we desided to break it up by leaving on Thursday night and driving to Hannibal, MO. where we spent the night.

Next morning Carol & Jack called us from their room bright and early to get us on the road to Penfield, IL. As we're driving Steve Ashley called and said he wasn't feeling to well and would not make the trip. I latter heard he ended up going to the hospital. Hope everything is okay. 

We got there about noon to set up camp next to Tank, Linda & Patti, and Whap. We were able to save some good spots across the road from us for Three Trails and Central Iowa Vans. All three clubs had a good turn out. Our new members Keith and Dawn set up next to us and Wick & Karen. Keith and Dawn and their friends Scott & Janet brought all kinds of ice cream & alcohol for blender drinks. They had a happy hour and lots of Vanners came by. As it was ending, Fast Lanes was opening their shot bar, and for me it was time start spinning the tunes. 
The party lasted till one in the morning. Not as late as last years 2am. Not sure exactly why it didn't last as long this year.  Could have been  because those Cason's weren't able to make it. 

On Saturday it was time for kids and adult games. This years bingo was held with beans instead of corn. Which made all the girls in Fast Lanes happy, they didn;t have to shuck any corn this year. Rick Duvall may not be as happy, he may be eating beans for a while. After the games Vanatic's held their famous Lemonade Stand for everyone to enjoy. Ask Henry from CITA if he enjoyed them. Saturday night brought the awards and the band. They were a very good classic rock band. Becky had a good time visiting with Princess Rita and all the girls sitting around our camp. Carol was in rare form both nights  falling down several times, it must have been those new shoes. Thanks Keith & Darren for putting her to bed. 
They had three vendors Tank & Linda, Vantee's and a Sandy and Blue Jay from Wisconsin selling food. Well Sunday came and it was time to hit the road again. I'm sure all 59 Vans that attended had a great time, and from all of us to all of  Fast Lanes Vans. Thank You Nooner

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Don Noone / Vantasia Vans

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