Sunday, October 24, 2010

38th National Truck-in - July 2010 - Greenwich NY

Starved Rock State Park Campground in IL
Rick and I took off from GoodGuys in Des Moines and started our trip out to the Nationals in NY in our '64 Ford Econoline pulling our pop-up camper.  We did a little sightseeing along the way.  Our first night we spent in IL at Starved Rock State Park. Had a great breakfast at the Lodge and headed out. Breezed thru Indiana and when we got to Ohio we decided to take some back roads along the lake. Planned to go to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame but it was closed by the time we got close. We stopped on our 2nd night at Geneva State Park in Ohio. Really pretty scenery on these backroads. Wish we had more time to look around. Would have loved to go through the Carousel Museum.
Rest Area we stopped at in NY overlooking lake
Tuesday we were off into NY and closing in on the Nationals. We decided to take the scenic interstate along the south part of NY. Very scenic - not a wise decision! One of the bumpiest, under construction interstates I've ever been on.  Does not make for a fun ride, especially in an early Ford! We were also fighting warmer than normal temps in NY. In fact record breaking heat which caused the van to overheat and could not use the A/C most of the time. We had planned to spend another night in a state park but by then all we wanted to do was set up camp and relax so we pushed on to the Nats. 
Howard, Ken and some of the others we usually park with saved us a nice spot with everyone. No shade, other than ez ups but a nice spot close to everything going on. Last time we were in NY for a Nats I remembered colder than normal weather. Not this year! Record breaking heat!! Ed & JoAnn were life savers with the misters they had set up under Tim & Suzanne's canopy. Mr. Bill's pool & blender seemed pretty busy too.   I spent my time by the mister while Rick sat in Nats Board meetings. There was a caravan into town one night. Pretty good turnout and the town definitely took notice.
Show n Shine classifying took place Thursday & Friday so both days busy for us. Quite a few people stepped up to help with judging the vans on Friday. It would have been a long day without their help.  Virtual promoted and they had a meet n greet up by the band building along with the Nats board one night that was fun. Doc was serving hot dogs and they had beer in memory of Wacko for everyone. Drop Jaw magazine was there covering the event. This is the first time Rick and I had the opportunity to meet them. Very impressed with their coverage and how much they participated and enjoyed the event. Saw several vans we'd never seen before.
Best of Show 2010
Saturday afternoon we spent watching the burnout contest followed by trophy presentation later that day. Best of Show went to Alpine Express owned by Gary Larson.
We left after trophies for the long drive home stopping somewhere in NY at a rest area to sleep in the van for awhile before continuing on our way home.  Made it as far as Crawfordsville, IN and decided to spoil ourselves with a hotel room for our last night on the road.
Overall it was a great time although very hot. I don't know though that I would do this long a trip again in our early.  By the time we got back we had put over 3200 miles on the early Ford and we were worn out!! 
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Night - Yummy!

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