Saturday, October 23, 2010

GoodGuys Show - Des Moines IA : July 2010

Central IA Vans encouraged us to attend this event a few years ago to help promote vanning and we've been going ever since.  It's one of my favorite shows to go to and if you're looking for parts, the supply is endless between the vendors and the swap meet. The nice thing about this location is that we are able to camp in the campgrounds attached to the state fairgrounds. It's almost become like a mini truck-in with the amount of vanners attending the past few years.
This year Taz and Jill went out on Monday (show didn't start til Friday) and started saving spots for about 14 of us. Not an easy task with as many people that have started camping there. Rick and I rolled in on Thursday.  They got us a prime camping spot, level and on the road so we could watch all the street rods roll by. I still can't get used to the cars starting up at 3am to get in line to get into the grounds in hopes of parking on main street. Being at this fairgrounds has many advantages.  A large building with a/c to get out of the heat, tons of food vendors, lots of shade, 3,500+ vehicles to look at and some of the best fireworks I've seen in awhile. 

Andy and Mary bring their boss's cars to the show from his car museum.  They've also been kind enough to give us several private tours of the museum. Saturday we usually BBQ with everyone back at camp or over at one of CIV's homes along with a dip in their pool to cool down. Always makes for a fun time. 
This year Andy spoiled some of us on Friday and a few of us ladies got to drive the show cars back up to camp.  I got the El Camino...VERY nice!!  A few of the men decided to also try the autocross this year. The announcer loves vans and has a website called  They were very impressed with us. Check out the coverage from Saturday.

While everyone else went home after this event, Rick and I continued on our vacation to the Nationals in NY.

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