Saturday, April 14, 2012

Groundhog "Mardi Gras" Party 2012 hosted by Vanatic's Van Club

Congrats go out Vanatic's for hosting another great event. 

Their attendance more than doubled from last year. It all started around the pool with music and drinks. After the pool party stopped, the party continued in the hallways.

Saturday brought more Vanners coming in from all over. Vanatic's shuttled everyone to the local winery-brewery. The pool side was being decorated by Pat Cason for Gary's 60th Surprise Birthday celebration and roast. Lot's of fun and good stories. While some concerned Kansas Basketball Fans gathered around the TV to watch Missouri & Kansas go into over time. Kansas won. That night it was time to get the Mardi Gras clothing on. Lots of flashy clothing and hair. The band was awesome and Vanatic's provided the pizza and beer. It was great event, with great Friends. 

Thank You Vanatic's!!

Don Noone / Vantasia Vans

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