Saturday, March 12, 2011

Vanatics's 36th Annual Groundhog Party

Vanatic's hosted their 36th Annual Groundhog Party this year at a new location other than Springfield, Ill. This year event was in Raymond, Ill. Between St. Louis and Springfield, Ill. On 55 Hwy. This year it was two day event held on Friday Feb. 25th & Saturday the 26th 2011. 

Their theme was Vanner's in Paradise. The Hotel was a Best Western Carlinville Inn. It was decorated in a Nautical Theme with a moat and a old large riverboat outside the hotel. Inside also very nice, with nice rooms. The staff was great and I think they enjoyed the Vanners so much they wanted to join Vanatic's Club. There was a bar in the hotel also a very nice restaurant that had a free buffet every morning, and specials on lunch and dinner. 

Most of the Vanner's spent a lot of time at the large indoor pool. That's where Vanatic's hosted the Friday night pool party with free beer, bikini contest & music by yours truley (Noone's Tunes). I was scheduled to quit at 11:30 but the hotel let us play until 12:00. There was a men's & women's bikini contest and three contestants in each class. Some dressed in the traditional suits but there were others that didn't. Needless to say now that Jack Lynch is retired, he and Carol have too much time on their hands, enough to put together their very own outfits. They were the winners in both classes. Carol was also awarded a special prize. That being a bicycle helmet. If you know Carol she has a tendency to fall down a lot. Well Vantatic's put together this special helmet with decals such as Tumbalena on it. It was quit comical. 

Saturday morning it was off to the free breakfast and then the tour to a local brewery & winery which a lot of vanners went to. I stayed back and watched the K-State - Missouri Basketball game. That afternoon they had their famous Lemonade party around the pool from 2-4 which ended up going til 5. They had raffles why I played the tune's. They also had games around the pool such as beer pong, and the limbo, which Patti Zweigel won. Could it be because she is short? Ha! Ha! Not sure who won the beer pong. 

That night around 8 the band started playing tunes from today and yesteryear. They gave more door prizes and special awards. Long distance, Club participation which both went to Vantasia. Cindy Lou flew in from Colorado and Bill and Patti drove up from Oklahoma. Jack & Carol and Bill Wickersty rode with Becky and I, Keith & Dawn & their friends Scott & Janet rode together.  

Hopefully Vanatic's will do the two day event again next year, and everyone that attended can spread the word how much fun it was. Sunday came too soon and it was time to head home. On the way home we found out that Mike Philips mother's funeral was that afternoon instead of on Saturday. After we dropped Jack & Carol off we decided to stop by to pay our respects to Mike and his family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Phillip's and their family. 

Next up Three Trail Freeze Out and I hope to see you all there!! 

Don Noone

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