Saturday, March 5, 2011

Council of Councils 2011 Recap by Don Noone

On Feb. 18th- 19th Left Coast Vanners hosted the C of C at Buena Park, California. The Hotel was a Radisson and was very nice. The rooms were suites, and when we walked out our door to the balcony we were surrounded by palm trees and plants. Becky and I arrived on Wednesday night late but there were still a few vanner's up visiting and partying. Thursday we got up early, for us when we are on vacation, but Left Coast had plenty of things planned for the day. We went down to the free breakfast , which they made to order or buffet. It was great and there were lots of vanner's that we hadn't seen in a year. At 9:30 everyone was meeting to line up for the George Barris Shop & Peterson Museum Tour. We had rented a van so Cindy & Jeff rode with us, and we followed Darren and the rest of the Vanatic's club. At G.B. we saw the Munster's car from the TV show. And the Batmobile.
We decided to skip the museum and find a beach, where the girls decided to walk in the sand and water. Then were off to Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Rodeo Blvd. There were many sights to see. The one that stood out to me was the women walking her miniture groomed pony the size of a dog. It was time to head back for the Nationals board meeting at 4:00 PM. We left at 3 and still was a few minutes late. The traffic was unreal on the highways. One of our tasks at hand was to try and replace Wacko's spot on the board. Tim was promoted to that spot, which now left his spot open. We interviewed several prospective vanners. It was decided to put all of them on a list of support staff for the Nat's Board so they can work with us at the Nat's this year and then vote one of them in next year at C of C.
That night they had a free happy hour at the hotel from 5-7 top notch alcohol and beer. They had no idea what vanners could consume. Matchstick (Dave) unveiled a new Vanner"s Magazine to be put out twice a year. All color pages and very impressive, at the low cost of just $5. He also showed his newest project fiberglass gull wing doors. This young vanner is great for vanning. His desire to promote vanning and make things for vans is great.

On Friday there were several seminars for vanner's to participate in. At 2PM Nat's. Board meeting and bids for 2012 Van Nationals. We only received one bid and that was from Wisconsin vanners, they have put together a good group of vanners and I think they will do a great job. The grounds is the same as Hy-Rollin's and will be  more than sufficient. It was talked about letting RV"s in that pull a van, they will not be allowed to park with vans, but may park in a designated area. This is up the host club whether they will allow them. And far as  someone pulling a fifth wheel in they have to be in there before the Nat's. start. The reason these items were talked about, both have been happening the last few years. Also it was asked if clubs could compile a mailing list from there local Van-In's of attendees  e-mail and mailing addresses that the Nationals could use for getting flyers out to more vanner's across the country. I thought this was a great idea. I know we passed our mailing list on to Michigan after Hard Core Vanners hosted the Nat's in 2003. I got out of the meeting too late to go on the round up to Hooter's. At 8PM that night the PJ Party and Band started along with Beach Blanket Bingo in the ballroom.

Saturday, at 4:30AM they had a thing called the Donut Derelict Cruise to a local donut shop where several California street rodder's show up . I wasn't able to get up that early but I was told  that sometimes several hundred show up and once in a while Jay Leno or Chip Foose shows up.

At 9:30 the Council meeting starts, I didn't set in for HOVAC cause someone else was already representing HOVAC. At 10 Vans that had driven to C of C or the local clubs started showing up in the parking lot for the Van Show which started at 1PM . Several really nice Vans, but the one that stood out to me the most was the Early Ford Van. It wasn't  completed yet but what was done was unbelievable. Look for it in Truck-in Magazine or Hot Rod Magazine. Both were there for the show. 
That night it was time to party and say good by to our vanner friends from across the country. Their theme for the party was Hooray for Hollywood, and several vanner's dressed as there favorite actor or actress. Dam I should have brought my Pirate outfit, Ha! Ha!. Sunday it was goodbye California and hello Kansas where the weather had been in the 70's while We were gone. We had to make one detour to Chicago with Howard, Chooie, Jeff, and Sonya and a few other vanner's that were switching planes to their final destinations. If there were an Oscar to be given this year for a great host, location, and very well organized. Left Coast Vanners would have taken home the lot of them. Hope to see everyone at local van-in's and the Nationals in Ohio, and next year at C of C in St. Petersburg , Florida.

Don Noone

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  1. Sounds like an AWESOME time. Thanks for sharing your story. Look forward to seeing everyone in Ohio in July!

    Van on Brother!