Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Celebrating at Midwest Vans International Truck-In

Keith and Dawn from Vantasia got on the road and started our way to the Midwest Truck-In over the memorial day weekend. We pulled in when gates opened at noon on Friday and parked with our good friends from Vanatics Van Club. We got all set up and the drinks began! Wick from Vantasia joined us about 4:00pm. We filled up the cooler and made our way around the campground.

The band started up at 9pm and followed with a Beer Pong tournament in the pavilion. Keith from Vantasia and Chico from Vanatics teamed up and had a blast making it to the championship against Blue Grass. It became very exciting and entertaining for all that was watching! After an intense game Keith and Chico ending up winning and received the beer pong belt! We stayed up late that evening into the morning of 3am. Got up Saturday morning moving around slow.
The show-n-shine was not until 3:00pm so that was nice that we had extra time to rest up. We drank lots of water and gatorade! We got our Van cleaned up for show-n-shine, got it parked and joined the other's at Bucko's Van for shots. Keith, Dawn and Wick then went to The Oasis Tavern on the corner and had a great dinner.

We headed back to the Truck-In and started all over again with Blue Grass Vanners and the moon shine, Chrome Dome with the apple pie and tequila! Walked around and visiting with all the fine people from Midwest.

The band started up and jungle juice was ready to go from Blue Grass! Then it was time for the beer chugging contest - Keith from Vantasia and Courtney from Vanatics signed up but couldn't keep up, they still had a great time trying. We made it another late night having a blast with everyone even Jerry from Vanatics.lol'

We headed back to Kansas City Sunday morning because we both had to work Monday. Wishing we could have stayed but we will next year when we go back!

When we got home Sunday, we got a call from Rocco from Vanatics and he told us that Vantasia got the long distance award and Keith and Dawn's Van won 1st place in show-n-shine in our class. Keith also got a trophy for the beer pong tournament.
Hats off to Midwest Vans LTD, You folks put on a Great Truck-In!

Thanks again, Hope to see you all at NATS.
Keith and Dawn Gray - Vantasia Van Club 

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