Monday, May 16, 2022

Freeze Out 2022 hosted by 3 Trails Vans

Things seem to be getting back to "normal" post-Covid and Truck-ins are back!

First up was Freeze Out hosted by Three Trails Vans at Bevier RV Center in Bevier MO. This event is open to all vehicle types since you never know what the weather will be like. 

Always a fun time! Lots of games, free chili on Saturday night and I hope you like jello shots because they made 800 of them!  This year there was a live band called 2 Miles Deep on Friday night and everyone seemed to like them. The weather was great - sunny and chilly but there's a heated building to get out of the cold. I think the bicycle race was probably the favorite gave for everyone including the spectators. There were a few that were new to vanning that participated in show n shine and the games. 

Hope to see everyone there next year!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Fever 35 "Van Vegas Style"

Another great time had by all at Vantasia Vans "Spring Fever 35". The theme was Vegas Style and they went all out with decorations and games that included vanner roulette and some sort of Keno (?) game where you dropped quarters held in your butt cheeks onto numbers. A lot of fun to watch and even more fun to play!

The weather was warm so the pool was the place to be on Saturday afternoon.
They have live bands playing both nights up at the pavilion. Sweet Trouble was a new addition to the entertainment lineup and everyone loved them. By the end of the night there had been several guests invited up on stage.

I think Art from Texas along with his friends managed to get everyone to try at least one of his double bubbles.
Show n shine had a good turn out, especially the earlies.

Saw a lot of new vanners and old friends.



This year the dates are May 17-19, 2013 at the Down Under Campground in Turney, MO. "Vanner Olympics" is the theme. I know Don Noone has put a lot of work into the trophies for this year and they look great! Hope to see you there!

Vantasia Vans Website
HOAVC Website

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vanniversary 38 hosted by Central IA Vanners

Well, I didn't get a recap from anyone so far and Rick and I were only there Friday so I guess I'll post the pictures from CIV and hope someone emails me an article later.

I can tell you the shot board that Don Noone brought was fun Friday night.  Looks like Saturday had some interesting games and a tour of a local winery.

Thanks to Joyce Wiese for sending me pics from Saturday!


HOAVC Webmaster

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Celebrating at Midwest Vans International Truck-In

Keith and Dawn from Vantasia got on the road and started our way to the Midwest Truck-In over the memorial day weekend. We pulled in when gates opened at noon on Friday and parked with our good friends from Vanatics Van Club. We got all set up and the drinks began! Wick from Vantasia joined us about 4:00pm. We filled up the cooler and made our way around the campground.

The band started up at 9pm and followed with a Beer Pong tournament in the pavilion. Keith from Vantasia and Chico from Vanatics teamed up and had a blast making it to the championship against Blue Grass. It became very exciting and entertaining for all that was watching! After an intense game Keith and Chico ending up winning and received the beer pong belt! We stayed up late that evening into the morning of 3am. Got up Saturday morning moving around slow.
The show-n-shine was not until 3:00pm so that was nice that we had extra time to rest up. We drank lots of water and gatorade! We got our Van cleaned up for show-n-shine, got it parked and joined the other's at Bucko's Van for shots. Keith, Dawn and Wick then went to The Oasis Tavern on the corner and had a great dinner.

We headed back to the Truck-In and started all over again with Blue Grass Vanners and the moon shine, Chrome Dome with the apple pie and tequila! Walked around and visiting with all the fine people from Midwest.

The band started up and jungle juice was ready to go from Blue Grass! Then it was time for the beer chugging contest - Keith from Vantasia and Courtney from Vanatics signed up but couldn't keep up, they still had a great time trying. We made it another late night having a blast with everyone even Jerry from'

We headed back to Kansas City Sunday morning because we both had to work Monday. Wishing we could have stayed but we will next year when we go back!

When we got home Sunday, we got a call from Rocco from Vanatics and he told us that Vantasia got the long distance award and Keith and Dawn's Van won 1st place in show-n-shine in our class. Keith also got a trophy for the beer pong tournament.
Hats off to Midwest Vans LTD, You folks put on a Great Truck-In!

Thanks again, Hope to see you all at NATS.
Keith and Dawn Gray - Vantasia Van Club 

Friday, August 10, 2012

3 Fingers In Part II Van & Truck Show

Hosted by Vanners of OZ

This event was held at the Ranch Bowl in Kansas City, KS again. There was a good turnout although I don't think as many pickups showed this year.

Dan & Carla's new ride
As usual they kept us entertained with a DJ and games that included the bean bag toss, bowling and beer pong. I hope everyone went in and had some food - reasonable prices and tastes good! 
Vanners donated $100 to the American Red Cross

Some of the club members
The club made some nice trophies to hand out that included a picture of the van and their owner(s). They also had a LOT of giveaways in their raffle that included hats, shirts, concert tickets, etc.

Best Pickup Award
 Nice job Vanners of OZ!!!

August News

Upcoming Events:

  • MASVA: August 24-26th (pre-reg deadline today, August 10th)
  • 8th Annual Custom Van Show hosted by Hy-Rollin Vans, September 1
  • Taz'z VCVC "Party in the Yard", September 2
  • The HAVE's 7th Annual Truck-In "Seventh Heaven", September 7-9
Flyers can be found on the website


HOAVC - October 19-21, 2012
HOAVC Meeting Saturday at 11am

Reminders for HOAVC members:

  • In order to keep our event insurance we have to put on a Show n Shine. That means that each club should come up with a show n shine trophy and something you want to judge.
  • Each club should come up with one adult and one kids games & awards. (Individual members are also welcome to run a game).
  • Volunteers are needed to help with gate duty, schnapps bar, etc.
Email us back with what you want to sign up for.

Don't know if I sent this out before but here is a link to Pony Express Van Club pics:


40th Nationals Coverage
Several magazines covered the Nats this year including DropJaw, Popular Mechanics, Hot Rod Hotline (online mag) and a Mopar Magazine.
Here are the links to what I've seen posted so far:

DropJaw Magazine

Popular Mechanics

Hot Rod Hotline:

Make sure you let them know how much you appreciate having them cover our events.

There were also a couple guys there working on a documentary for vannin. Can't wait to see it!

Follow them on Facebook:
or their website (looks like a work in progress):


Bob Large has the Jaws van up for sale. Asking $8,000 

This is an award winning show van, and is a one owner vehicle. Some of the details are tongue and groove walnut floor, walnut running boards, twin sunroofs, walnut overhead consoles (front & rear), vinyl covered dash/door panels/head liner, 113,000 miles.

The owner can be reached at 913-302-4539

Price is firm, will not deliver, pick up only, cash or cashier check only. If a cashier check is used the title will only change hands after the cashier check has been deposited in his account.

Please see the link below for pictures and video. Some of the video and pictures are large.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Truckin' to Lone Star XXXIV

Lone Star Vans held there 34th Van-In on April 20th-22nd 2012. There were 21 paid Vans through the gate. It was held at Burns run West Campgrounds, in Cartwright , OK on beautiful Lake Texoma. 

Vantasia took two Vans down, and 8 Vanners: Patti Zweigel, Keith Gray, Jack & Carol Lynch, Bill & Karen Wickersty and Don & Becky Noone. We left on Thursday after Becky got home. Drove to Bill and Patti's that night and spent the night with them. Bill is recovering but wasn't ready to take the trip. Patti went with us and the neighbors keep a eye on Bill. 

Friday we were off to see our fellow Texas Vanners. This trip was a little depressing, due to the death of Ray Whittle 6/17/47--4/19/12. I had just talked to Ray and Star a week ago and he was so looking forward to seeing everyone. Charlotte called me over the weekend and told me that they had rushed him to the hospital. His leg had swelled up. They had to do surgery on him for blood clots. He survived the surgery but complications set in. Ray will be missed by many for sure. Our Prayers go out to Star and her family. This weekend at the truck-in we all talked about memories we had with and about Raymond. One that was shared with me over the Internet was with Cinnamon at a Van Nationals where some members of the Nat's Board were arrested. Ray was the one that went down to get them out. 

On Saturday night at the annual pot luck dinner that Lone Star puts on, Donnie from Lone Star said Grace along with some words about Ray and then a moment of silence. There were many tearful eyes among the crowd. 

Back to the truck-in Friday it was little cool compared with what everyone had been seeing this spring. It was in the 60's and 40's at night. I played music until a little after 10 PM. The park has a quiet time. It didn't stop everyone from visiting each others campsites. 

On Saturday everyone woke up to warmer temps. It turned out to be a beautiful day in the upper 70's. They had some great kids and adult games. Donnie form L.S.V. put on the games and had a lot of participation. There was a show-in-shine where yours truly was asked to do the judging. Hope everyone was happy with the results. At 6PM everyone was to bring their dishes for the pot luck dinner. The meat was cooked by Marty on his Texas style smoker he made. It not only looked good and won best trailer, it smoked the ham, chicken, sausage and  brisket meat to everyone's delight. Thanks Marty. Everyone else brought their dishes & desserts up for a great dinner. After dinner it was Show Time. Time to hand out the awards. After dinner everyone scattered to their  campsites to take back their dishes. I told them to come back and party cause there was the 10PM curfew on the tunes. Well it didn't take long for everyone to come back up. Especially when Art & Jenna and Bud Man Vans hauled their cooler of Jim Beam back to the pavilion. We were also celebrating Bob Dunbar's birthday with cake and lots of shots. The Park ranger showed up at 10 and said if I could turn it down some he would let us go for awhile. Thanks Ranger Rick!! 

Sunday it was time to pack up and head home. 450 miles one way back home. Gas prices ranged from $3.65 to $3.49. True we may have spent more money to go this year than last, but how do you put a price on friendship & fun? Isn't that what Vanning is all about? If you just sit around home talking about gas price's you will go crazy. Thanks to all the Texas Vanners for your Southern Hospitality. Nooner. 

Ray was put to rest at 2 PM on Sunday in Mesquite, Texas. If anyone would like to donate you can do so to the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital 2222 Welborn St. Dallas, Texas 75215-3993.

Please do so on behalf of Ray Whittle.